A couple of months ago you might have noticed some sketches a bit less urban, and a bit more fashion inclined. These were created as a result of my love for sketching and my wife’s unconditional love for fashion (and a bit of my love for her 😉 We both follow our passions, but so far we were doing them mostly separately. But you know how wifes are, as a part of spending time together, she  suggested that we joined them a little 🙂

A short while ago she started her blog (check GeeWay or her FB profile), where she writes about fashion and uses my sketches. Which clearly I like a lot, since I get an opportunity to leave my comfort zone and learn something new. And don’t forget about the “happy wife” factor – a side effect, which is highly appreciated 😛


Gee quality or quantity_s

Geeway is not a typical fashion blog, where you usually can find only stylisations and oh-so-sweat photos. Geeway is for the women, who want to read some thoughts about fashion-related subjects, reviews of books, exhibitions etc. as well as updates and comments on industry events and much more. All this accompanied by my illustrations and photos of my brother-in-law (mr Blacksheep).

Geeway is a fashion blog with a slightly less commercial approach. Written straight-up without sweetening anything up. If you’re interested in the world of fashion, but you expect more than just ideas for stylisations, you need to check it out… (but for now it’s only written in Polish).