During the sketchcrawl we learned a couple of important things:

  • you can’t wear same clothes to different sketchcrawls – even if they are set one year apart… there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be sketched and then there is evidence you are wearing the same thing all the time and will be considered and IT guy;)
  • Pay attention to what shoes your wearing – they express a lot about you and since they might be the only thing that is on one of someone else’s sketch, it’s better to make  a good impression 😀 (special shoutout to Sylwia Lewandowska)
  • men from Vietnam look younger than they really are 😉


Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post,  in the Warsaw meeting a lot of fresh urban sketchers participated. I expect and hope this spreads further… like a virus. Let’s make some noise 😉