The next stop during my summer trip to Italy was in Siena. Personally, I wasn’t very impressed with the place, as for me it was too… monochromatic. Everything was too red for me. But there was one building that really stood out – the Cathedral. It was amazing and the impression was even greater since at the moment I was entering the square, where the Cathedral was located, there was a big stage built close to it with some kind of an ongoing rehearsal … and there was incredibly loud music, which reminded me a bit of the OST from “The Gladiator” and really suited the look and feel of the whole place. So much that it gave me goose bumps 🙂

As to my todays post, which was supposed to be here a couple of days ago, what a coincidence – Tommy Kane, who I am a big fan of, posted on his blog a drawing from the same city 2 days ago. You can check it out here. He presented a different building, but I guess that’s good – you can’t compare our work directly 😉 Additionally, I learned two things there:

  1. What is the reason for all the building being the same colour and that I’m not the only one who feels strange there because of that.
  2. What is the etymology of the Burnt Siena colour name.

Enjoy the drawings and the read.