Travelling around Italy and having the chance to see so many places was great. We went to a few bigger cities, but the smaller places were what really gave us a lot of fun and excitement. Also the drawings I decided to make were smaller and … better?

On the left you can see a very interesting building in Dolce Aqua – beautiful place, which I mentioned in my last post, located in the mountains with nice buildings, amazing mountain and seaside views, great cafes and restaurants etc. One of my favourite places from this trip.

The one on the right is from Sestri Levante. This was close to where our second camping was located. We went there, took a train to Santa Margarita, then a ferry to Portofino, came back to Santa Margarita with a bus and then back to Sestri Levent with a train again. A great variation from travelling everywhere by car and a chance to interact with the locals more, which I love to do during my travels. Of course, my interactions were a bit limited during that small excursion, since I was drawing a lot on that day in all the places. The one above was made while we were in a restaurant waiting for our brunch. The building and the colours seemed very interesting to me.

Both drawings were done with Sakura Micron Pen (0.1 and 0.05), W&N watercolours and a touch of Derwent pencils (mainly for the bricks:).